4th place in Round 2, but I didn't get into finals

On 21st April, in the official Imagine Cup forums, Chris Amaris published IT Challenge 2010 Round 2 results: http://archive.imaginecup.com/forums/t/13210.aspx

It turned out that I took 4th place worldwide, but I didn't get into finals. It happenned because of the rule stating that only one competitor per country is allowed to advance to the Final Round. Unfortunately, this year I was unlucky and someone who is also from Poland took 2nd place. So, there were 3 competitors who became finalists just because there were no better competitors in their country. Rules are rules...

The fact is that participating in this year's IT Challenge expanded my horizons and knowledge about the IT and Microsoft enterprise products in a very significant way. I have to admit that I'm quite impressed after familiarizing myself with the latest software from Redmond. Its functionality, high level of security, reliability and ease of administration are features, which are often hard to find in the FOSS-based solutions.

Participating in the IT Challenge has given me even more. Now I know for sure that my knowledge and skills give me a real chance to be successful in future editions of Imagine Cup. I'll be a student for 3 more years so I will have at least 3 opportunities to stand on the IT Challegne podium. Through the next year I'm going to expand my knowledge on IT further and I'm fully convinced that the time spent on learning Microsoft technologies won't be wasted.

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